GEL was ported on several boards: Several libraries are integrated. After they are built, the libraries are located in 'lib' and their associated includes are in 'include' top level directories.
libc A library with the standard ANSI C functions (board independent; sprintf, printf, strcpy, strlen, malloc, free, ...)
libbot Robots library (MIT 6.270 board) by Duane Gustavus (IR dectector, PWM motor controller, interrupt driven SCI, analog ports, ...)
libbsp Board Support Package
Provides low level SIO, eeprom and other functions (polling).
libgel General Event Library
Event and timer runtime; event driven board support.
libutil Utility library
Persistent C++ class
libgdm Graphics Display Library
Graphics operations (lines, circles, drawing, ...) for a 128x64 dot matrix LCD display.