Welcome to the GNU Embedded Libraries for 68HC11 and 68HC12.

GEL is a collection of embedded libraries and examples for 68HC11 and 68HC12. Several libraries are general purpose libraries that are or may be ported on various boards. Some libraries are more specific due to the hardware they control.

GEL also contains several examples indended to show how to use the GNU development chain for 68HC11 and 68HC12.

Help the GEL project by making donations!
Donations are used for charges running the m68hc11.serveftp.org site used by GEL and to buy new hardware (boards, sensors, LCD displays, robots, ...).

- Jan 30, 2005
 GEL 1.6.1 is available.
- Nov 29, 2003
 GEL 1.6 is available.
- Nov 4, 2003
 A Graphic Display Manager library (libgdm) is integrated in GEL.
- May 1, 2003
 GEL 1.5 is available.
- Jan 20, 2003
 New look for the site.
- Nov 18, 2002
 GEL 1.4.2 is available.
- Sep 9, 2002
 GEL 1.4.1 is available.
- Jul 4, 2002
 GEL 1.4 is available.
- Jul 1, 2002
 Web site for GEL.